About Katy

My Story:

It’s classic. Small town girl moves to the big city, gets lost, and finds herself craving the small town once again.

I grew up on a small farm and come from the hardest working and most crazy and loving family that you could ever imagine. With no solid direction, I graduated as my class valedictorian and headed off to college. I landed in Richmond, Virginia and teetered between physics or psychology as a choice of majors. I ended up with psychology and a minor in criminal justice with still no solid footing in a career path.

The opportunity to move to Nashville presented itself and I went. I worked a few odd jobs to make ends meet and two things quickly stood out to me. The first was how strangely gym goers were eating at a muscle-bound fitness facility I worked at briefly. The second was how so may people came to Nashville and were following their dreams. I put two and two together and decided to go back to school for nutrition. I knew I wanted to help people use food in a positive way and I knew I needed to figure out how.

Fast forward through college, my internship, two pregnancies, a wonderful marriage (to a musician non-the-less) and my first few jobs as an RD and I find myself admiring the simple town I grew up in. The meal planning and the gardening and the grocery shopping and the nightly dinners my family provided for me is now what I seek to provide for my family. It’s a vital skill the future generations will need to learn. Some aren’t so lucky to have that upbringing, but thanks goodness it’s never too late to learn those skills!


My Resumé

Katy is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. She completed her dietetic internship through Western Kentucky University focusing in clinical, foodservice and community nutrition.

She is currently a clinical dietitian at Hendersonville Medical Center, a virtual assistant to some of the leading dietitians in nutrition communications and also coaches clients locally and beyond.

With a strong interest in consumer behavior, she focuses on the near-antiquated skills of meal planning, grocery shopping and meal prep to help create a positive relationship with food, from start to finish.

Her passion lies in helping create simplicity for the family unit, no matter how big or how small, by bringing folks back to the basic pleasure of nourishing their bodies, minds and hearts.